In a move designed to increase visibility, Medically Minded CBD, a respected hemp-based products brand, has acquired the domain, former home of Midwestern arts and culture. Medically Minded CBD is a top provider of individual and wholesale CBD finished goods and is excited about the opportunity to share their company story and offerings with patrons of this site. Minnesota – and the region as a whole – has recently seen an increase in demand for hemp products and the acquisition seeks to capitalize on this demand.

This procurement comes amid an interesting time for both CBD wholesale and individual purchasing, particularly in the Midwest. The Farm Bill of 2018 officially legalized the production and sale of hemp, and a true Green Rush was born. Private label CBD and white label CBD both began to grow exponentially. CBD (short for cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid, which is the active ingredient in cannabis. CBD is mostly found in industrial hemp and is not psychoactive. There are hundreds of cannabinoids but CBD has become popular thanks to its myriad of potential wellness benefits. It is available in raw flower form, as well as in finished goods like capsules, tinctures, salves, and gummies. 

The acquisition of will also help Medically Minded CBD raise awareness of their bulk hand sanitizer offerings, as access to hand hygiene tools becomes a critical need around the world. Hemp processors often have access to large quantities of the materials necessary to create wholesale hand sanitizer and have opted to ramp up production in order to get these products to those who need them most. As some retailers of bulk hand sanitizer have run into supply chain issues or delays, Medically Minded has always and will always be able to deliver thanks to their network of domestic suppliers and efficient manufacturing operations.

The addition of to the Medically Minded CBD family is exciting news, as it will allow the company to broaden its horizons yet again. The Midwest has a deep and rich history of agriculture, and the hemp industry boom has been intriguing for the communities here. Now, patrons of will be able to gain insight on the powers of the CBD compound as well as the fiscal opportunities cultivation and production could bring to the region. Most importantly, they will be able to better understand how Medically Minded is putting health and wellness front and center – and how they can do the same.