In a move meant to solidify awareness of their brand, Medically Minded CBD has entered into an agreement to acquire the domain, the former home of the California region’s chamber of commerce. The Eastern California valley is one of the hottest places in the world and while it may be sparsely populated, the area does see a large number of tourists from around the globe. The hemp industry has exploded in the Golden State with Medically Minded quickly rising above the rest. They are looking forward to sharing more about their line with patrons of this website.

The procurement of comes amidst rising demand for high-quality wholesale CBD and consumer products. Medically Minded offers a unique line of wellness-focused products perfect for anyone seeking to incorporate a CBD regimen into their lives. Wanting to raise awareness of the potentials the hemp plant has was one of the main reasons the company opted to procure the domain. The other goal is to let residents of the area and beyond know that the CBD wholesale industry is still ramping up and there’s room at the table for those wanting to build their own brands. CBD is extremely popular thanks to its many perceived wellness benefits and more is being learned every day.

The news also comes in conjunction with the recent launch of Medically Minded’s hand sanitizer line. Wholesale hand sanitizer has become a critical tool in the fight to stop the spread of dangerous viruses like COVID-19 Global Cannabinoids and hemp processors already have access to large amounts of the main ingredients in bulk hand sanitizer making the solutions an easy addition to production lines. Medically Minded understood the importance of offering access to something that has become front and center in the battle against infection and stepped up right away, creating wholesale hand sanitizer and individual SKUs as soon as possible. Visitors to will have access to these offerings, meaning local businesses and attractions can have bulk hand sanitizer available at all times.

The procurement of is meant to not only share the powers of CBD but the industry as a whole. California has a rich and storied history with the hemp plant, one that is still being written. The economic and wellness impact has already proven to be beneficial to the state, and are only going to continue on an upward trajectory. Medically Minded is proud to be among the leaders in the space and is excited to share their story with visitors to the domain.