Observethemoonnight.org, a popular astronomy website, has recently been acquired by Medically Minded CBD, a leader in hemp-based products. The move was spurred by the company’s desire to increase brand awareness and boost knowledge of the hemp plant. Medically Minded has a wide catalog featuring something for every type of consumer and is looking forward to sharing this catalog with visitors to the domain. Wholesale CBD products are also available for those interested in retail opportunities.

The acquisition of observethemoonnight.org comes at a time when interest in the hemp industry is at an all-time high. The plant was officially legalized in 2018, and since then, more people than ever are adding the compound to their wellness regimens. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs are also staking a claim in the so-called “green rush,” both in white label CBD opportunities and private label CBD sales. CBD, short for cannabidiol, is an active ingredient in hemp. While not psychoactive, it has been touted for its myriad of potential health benefits. CBD wholesale sales have remained steady and visitors to observethemoonnight.org will now be able to learn more about the revenue streams and wellness possibilities at the same time.

Patrons of observethemoonnight.org will also be able to learn more about Medically Minded CBD’s bulk hand sanitizer program. Hand hygiene products have become particularly important as of late, and many consumers are finding supplies are depleted. Medically Minded understood the need for wholesale hand sanitizer across the country – and the world – and decided to take action. Having already secured contracts for the necessary ingredients in bulk hand sanitizer through their processing arm, the company quickly added sanitizing rub to their catalog, to the applause of many in the hemp community. No one should ever have to wait for their wholesale hand sanitizer orders, a principal Medically Minded takes to heart. They are always able to deliver – something visitors to the new domain will quickly understand.

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Medically Minded CBD is looking forward to engaging the observethemoonnight.org audience in a way not achieved through other assets. Hemp is quickly becoming a part of many American’s daily wellness routines and research is picking up. This domain has a scientific focus, and studies of the CBD compound are becoming increasingly important. It is hoped that visitors to this domain will want to help promote these studies and bring hemp into the forefront of research and development. At the very least, they will learn how CBD could potentially impact their lives in a positive way.