MedicallyMinedCBD, a top online source of hand hygiene products, is pleased to announce the acquisition of, an asset from Japan focused on financial literacy. The move is intended to boost awareness of the Online CBD Products company while simultaneously teaching patrons about the effectiveness of this hand hygiene tool. Japan is an extremely densely populated country and the use of hand sanitizer has become an imperative part of the efforts to stop the spread of dangerous viruses like COVID-19.

The procurement of is an exciting deal for as it will introduce the company to over 126 million new consumers. Access to wholesale hand sanitizer has become an issue for many people around the world as shops are continually sold out. The most likely cause of this is overseas production delays. is a domestic manufacturer of bulk hand sanitizer with secure supply chain connections, able to fulfill any size order big or small. Sharing this exciting information with visitors to will ensure even more people in Japan and beyond will have access to these rubs, sprays, wipes, and gels.

The acquisition will also allow visitors to discover how the wholesale CBD industry has stepped up into the sanitizer space. CBD (short for cannabidiol) comes from the hemp plant, with many finished goods being created through extraction methods. These methods often utilize many of the same ingredients as wholesale hand sanitizer, making it an easy thing to create for these processors. Both white label CBD companies and private label CBD manufacturers have pivoted into the hand sanitizer world, with some offering the hand hygiene products as gifts with purchase or donating them to local organizations. Others have developed entirely new catalogs featuring CBD wholesale hand sanitizer alongside soft gels, tinctures, and salves.

Medically Minded CBD is looking forward to connecting with fans of in ways not yet achieved by other assets. The Japanese domain may be across the pond but its visitors have just as much need for hand sanitizer as those in the company’s home country of the United States. With a large population spread across a very small area, remaining diligent against the spread of germs and pathogens is paramount to the overall health of the country. While washing hands with warm water and soap is always the best bet, proper hand sanitizer use is an effective and safe alternative. can deliver products anywhere in the world in large quantities and are committed to providing access for the duration of this pandemic and beyond.