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Best CBD Vape Pen

CBD vape pens are becoming a trend on the shelves of many stores, from specialized cannabis stores to tobacco stores and gas stations. It is even possible to see them along with nicotine vape pens, and many people can feel tempted to use them as an alternative to tobacco smoking. Some experts suggest that there’s no evidence showing that using CBD vape pens can make you stop vaporizing or smoking nicotine, but vaporizing CBD is comparatively healthier since it doesn’t cause habit and it doesn’t negatively affect the heart rate and blood pressure like nicotine does.


Cannabidiol, best known as CBD, is a cannabinoid, or chemical compound that is present in the cannabis Sativa plants. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is another cannabinoid, which might be better known and more popular because it’s the active component of marijuana. At least 113 cannabinoids have been identified in the cannabis Sativa, and we are just beginning to learn about all their properties. CBD is becoming popular thanks to its properties to relieve anxiety, pain, and inflammation, just to name a few of them. You must remember that THC isn’t still allowed in many stated, so businesses that sell CBD in states where THC is non-legal, typically commercialize CBD derived from industrial hemp, which is one of the strains from cannabis Sativa plants. Marijuana, like hemp, is a strain from cannabis Sativa, but hemp has historically had an industrial use, in the making of biodegradable plastics, textiles and other products. Hemp doesn’t have psychoactive effects like marijuana; that means, hemp-derived CBD won’t make you high.


CBD vape pens are devices filled with CBD vape juice, made of CBD oil. It can be full-spectrum, which has all the terpenes, flavonoids and other components and it also has THC, in a small amount. You also have MedicallyMinded THC-free full-spectrum CBD, derived from hemp, in which you get all the effects of regular full-spectrum CBD. There’s also broad-spectrum CBD oil, with all the terpenes and flavonoids and other components, minus THC. And there’s isolate CBD oil, which is only CBD in a pure state.


Due to the complicated CBD regulations by the FDA, some CBD products in the market may contain unhealthy additives, including pesticides and heavy metals and other chemicals that can be harmful to your health. While the federal government figures out the regulations regarding cannabis-derived products, you have to be very careful when choosing a product, so you make sure it’s safe. In the states where marijuana is legal, you can buy CBD vapes containing CBD and small traces of THC.


Like CBD, THC also has extremely beneficial properties, but if you don’t want to get a high-like effect, you better choose a CBD vape pen containing hemp-derived CBD. Some people prefer CBD isolates, which is pure CBD and no other properties from cannabis Sativa. Other people prefer all the components present in the plants and will choose a full-spectrum or a broad-spectrum. Or the best option, our exclusive CBD vape pen with THC-free full-spectrum CBD oil.

Medically Minded CBD Vape Pen

Each flavorful puff of Flow activates deep feelings of calm & enjoyment. Flow combines 450mg of Full-spectrum CBD with synergistic botanicals & aromatics for a soothing, enlivening boost at work, at play, or in the bedroom.
    • “Cartridge + Battery” (Includes 340mAh Li-ion Battery + USB Charger)
    • Full-spectrum CBD from sun-grown USA hemp at our farms in California, Colorado and North Carolina
    • 100% All-natural & organic botanicals & terpenes
    • Pure, premium hardware: all-ceramic core & glass cartridge
    • No cutting agents or propylene glycol
    • No additives, preservatives or THC
    • Oil color & flavor can vary from batch-to-batch due to natural ingredient variations.
    • Discounts cannot be combined
    • Limit three per customer during the initial launch.
    • No Delivery to Washington State, Canada, Australia, India, Portugal, Spain, Malaysia, Mexico.
    • WASHINGTON STATE: The sale of vapor products containing CBD is prohibited per RCW 70.345.030(4).
    • CBD Vape Pen


15 reviews for CBD Vape Pen | Medically Minded CBD Best Vape

  1. Mollie Ford

    The CBD works well with my pain and anxiety. It’s help me cut down on the prescription meds and allows me to get on with day.

  2. Flor

    My wife was suffering from arthritis pain and not getting a good nights sleep. CBD has relieved her discomfort and enabled her to rest much better.

  3. Shanna

    Taking CBD to help me with anxiety and to relax

  4. Gladys

    This is the best way to get your CBD it works quickly and is very effective.

  5. Jamey Paz

    I feel like it’s the first CBD that I’ve tried that I can actually feel the effects of.

  6. Vermin H

    My wife has a variety of health problems and CBD has allowed her to increase her activity and productivity. Energized yet relaxed. Less pain and more mobility. A life changer. Thank you.

  7. Tegan Smith

    Fantastic Cbd, ordered after reading reviews and really helps ease anxiety when sleeping. Highly recommend

  8. Gisele

    I loved it, helped relieve most of my alimentary. I highly recommend

  9. Carol

    This is my first time trying cbd vape pen and i am happy to say it works. I mainly use it for migranes, lower back pain and when I am feeling a little anxious. Easy to carry and use, will def purchase again.

  10. Candida Liem

    Honestly I was kinda nervous to try this as I hate smoking but I gave it a shot and my god it actually worked for my neck, chest and back pain! It also helped with my anxiety when I would feel it trying to act up. Very happy and will def buy another pen after I finish mine 🙂

  11. Wayne M

    Loving this…. Easier to control the flow then with the traditional cart/bat setup. I’m sleeping better than I have in years. If I miss a day, it’s very noticeable. Have tried other brands of CBD and Try the CBD is by far the best quality & most reasonably priced. The rewards program is pretty great too!

  12. Elida

    I have tried many cbd items and none of them seem to work like this.

  13. Ryan Buhman

    I love this vape! It’s easy to use and is high quality. I personally use it for anxiety and arthritis pain. Works amazingly.

  14. Flossie

    I am enjoying the new disposable vape pen from Medically Minded! It is small, discrete and classy. It has a very mild flavor and is enjoyable. I find this product relaxing and often use it to unwind in the afternoon and evenings.

  15. Cecila Kidwell

    I was skeptical at first, but wanted to try CBD for my nerve pain, headaches, and anxiety. I’d been using marijuana for several years for pain management, but stopped because THC sends my anxiety through the roof.

    This CBD vape is great! It has lasted me for a month, and it brings physical relief & relaxation, while soothing my anxiety Read more about review stating Worth it! instead of aggravating it. Doesn’t give me brain fog, and helps me get to sleep. Very awesome!

    The battery lasted me all month, and the best part is: it’s rechargeable! It doesn’t come with a charging cord, but it uses a standard micro-USB, which I already have.

    The vape is sleek and has a nice weight to it. It doesn’t feel cheap. Feels good to hold and use, and the taste is great!

    It’s well worth the price given how long it lasted. $30 for one month, so that’s around $1 a day to relax and soothe my nerve pain in the evening. Will definitely buy again; looking forward to trying new strains. Many thanks!

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