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Medically Minded 750mg Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

Softgel CBD capsules are one product in the wide variety of CBD oil products that are currently available on the market. One thing you must know is that, even if there are hundreds of CBD products, not all of them work in the same way. However, all of them have a lot of benefits to your health and wellness.


Medically Minded Full Spectrum CBD capsules might be one of the most convenient ways of consuming this nutritional supplement. CBD softgel capsules are becoming one of the most popular CBD products because it’s almost completely flavorless, this way avoid the taste of hemp, which can be earthy and unpleasant for many people. They’re also convenient because they don’t contain any sugar, which is present in more attractive flavored edibles like CBD gummies. Full Spectrum CBD pills is also a discreet and low-profile way of taking your daily doses of CBD because the capsules look like an average vitamin or nutraceutical capsule.


Medically Minded Full-Spectrum Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR) Softgel CBD Capsules contain a full-spectrum profile of all the cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes that are naturally present within our proprietary strains of registered industrial hemp, which are very rich in CBD content. Our softgel full spectrum CBD capsules also contain other natural plant components that have a lot of beneficial properties for your body and help boost your levels of energy.


All Medically Minded phytocannabinoid-rich, full-spectrum Softgel CBD Capsules are manufactured in a GMP certified facility. These high-quality, capsules contain a full-spectrum profile of all the cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes naturally present within the buds and leaves of our proprietary strain of industrial hemp which is high in CBD content.


Medically Minded Softgel CBD Capsules are also available in our proprietary ZERO-THC, Full-Spectrum CBD Extract. Buy the best pure Wholesale Softgel CBD Capsules. Our full-spectrum and THC-free full-spectrum Softgel CBD Capsules are highly absorbable by your body & they provide a high amount of bioavailable CBD.


All of our High-Grade Phytocannabinoid-Rich Industrial Hemp CBD is grown, produced, and packaged in the states of Oregon and Colorado, USA!


With all the orders of our Softgel CBD Capsules, we’ll include 3rd– party lab tests and certificates of analysis.

Medically Minded Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR) Hemp-derived CBD Oil soft gels are created with a patent-pending, water-soluble fluid that can solubilize 10 mg of cannabinoids per mL. Each softgel contains CBD, along with other phytocannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC, and over 40 terpenes that are naturally present in the cannabis Sativa plants.

Patent-pending, water-soluble CBD formulation is a nano-particulate delivery system that contains particle sizes of 2-3 nanometers. These are the smallest molecules of any water-soluble cannabinoid product on the market!  Each Softgel CBD Capsule contains 10mg of phytocannabinoids per dose and is designed to have optimum bioavailability and instant body absorption.

In all of our products, you can be assured of full traceability through complete vertical integration, non-GMO hemp varieties, in-house lab testing, and the use of organic farming practices.


750mg Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules


Medically Minded™ Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract Soft Gels provide a high CBD, full spectrum cannabinoid profile that includes CBD (Cannabidiol) and rare cannabinoids CBC(Cannabichromene), CBN (Cannabinol), and CBG (Cannabigerol) with less than 0.3% THC. 30 10mg Soft Gel Capsules.

Ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract (10mg per serving), Coconut Oil (MCT), Sunflower Lecithin, Sorbic Acid, Beta-caryophyllene, Gel Shell (Gelatin, Vegetable Glycerine, Water)

Item UPC:  8-50003-249063


All Medically Minded Products are tested by a third-party vendor that can be verified directly from your smartphone!
Scan the square box image below with your smartphone camera to see how it works.


Medically Minded offers premium-quality CBD products derived from industrial hemp to its customers. To achieve this goal, we make alliances with the best companies within our industry. Medically Minded CBD provides the highest quality medical grade CBD products on the market. Whether you are business to consumer (B2B) business or an individual looking for high-quality CBD products, you can count on Medically Minded CBD to have the best prices and highest quality cannabinoid wellness products to promote a healthy body and mind.


Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

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  1. Cindy M

    The gel caps are so easy and convenient. This is the perfect “on the go” product

  2. Flavia M

    My mother in-law was unsure of CBD in general and i quickly changed her mindset with these soft gels. Great intro into CBD i believe were Medically Minded soft gels – Full spectrum made such a difference with her daily aches and pains as an elderly. I highly recommend this product for people who don’t want to smell or taste anything but feel the product work.

  3. david propst

    The 25 mg soft gel full spectrum has great efficacy. Definitely a great option for people that prefer a soft gel over a tincture. The full spectrum provides a great amount of CBD and other minor cannabinoids to deliver the entourage effect.

  4. Arnold D

    Another great easy to use product. I like how I can choose my strengths in all the products

  5. Karree Whorf

    Wow! So very thankful for the many benefits of this quality product!

  6. Lewis

    The entourage effect was super powerful and the Full Spectrum CBD soft gels were easy to digest.

  7. Jerryvap

    We were using another CBD brand before we were told by a friend to try Medically Minded CBD Pills, and its the best switch we have made in a while, my father likes the fact you can scan the box with your phone and get the CBD third party report. Thanks, Medically Minded.!

  8. Kimberly Koontz

    Great Full Spectrum CBD Soft Gels that go down easy for my mother when she needs anxiety relief.

  9. Whisent Johnshon

    Great way to take my CBD Orally.

  10. Brenda Biggins

    I wasn’t really able to get the right effect I was looking for. Im not sure if CBD capsules or the oil works better for my condition, it would be nice if you wrote an article about it. Thanks

  11. Lance Davis

    FULL SPECTRUM CBD CAPSULES 750 MG is the best in the CBD market. I know I’ve tried about 10 different brands| Medically Minded CBD

  12. Bernnard Baker

    Passing this on to my Grandfather who I know for sure will benefit from you oil capsules.

  13. Sicillia Scarbougher

    This is great! Industry know-how really helps the group grow as a whole CBD capsules.

  14. Halley Garner

    CBD Pills go down easy and make it much easier to keep on schedule. I am learning to adjust to the right dosage, Three Pills per day seems to work for me.

  15. Billy Wong

    At first, we were skeptical about the CBD Capsule products but they really are more effective than some of the expensive prescription medicines I get from my doctor.

  16. Dounce Cameron

    I use to use Purekana CBD Capsules but yours cost lest and is 3 times more effective. Thanks Medically Minded

  17. Donald Mackavel

    Sharing this with my friends who may want to replace CBD pens with your 750 MG CBD Capsules.

  18. Ernie Cones

    Medically Minded CBD Gel Caps worked great for my Mother, I will be ordering mother.

  19. Christine Barnes

    This is a phenomenal CBD Capsule Product, it works great for my back pain! Industry know-how really helps the group grow as a whole!

  20. Chris Cruise

    Well, I’m glad to have read this to say the least. Never would have dove into this topic myself. Very interesting articles that combine the science of your CBD Pain Pills! They are great for sleeping also. Thank you Medically Minded CBD

  21. how much does cbd oil cost

    Thanks for keeping me updated on your CBD pills! Articles like this are perfect reads to keep up with the industry!

  22. Malia

    My mother-in-law was unsure of CBD in general and I quickly changed her mindset with these soft gels. Great intro into CBD I believe Medically Minded soft gels – Full spectrum CBD Pills made such a difference with her daily aches and pains as an elderly. I highly recommend this product for people who don’t want to smell or taste anything but feel the product work.

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